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New Holland TD5.110

Agricultural equipment

Get agricultural equipment on interest-free leasing for up to 5 years with a state subsidy of up to 40%

Construction equipment

Leasing of modern construction equipment for up to 48 months with 25% down payment

Car leasing

Special leasing packages for entrepreneurs, individuals and legal entities with a 20% down payment and a wide selection of cars

Easy registration

Registration within 3 business days

About the company

Prior Leasing ”OJSC was established in 2014 by individual entrepreneurs who are citizens of Azerbaijan. The main activity of the company, along with local manufacturers, is to sell the products of a large number of equipment manufacturers in Europe, the United States, China, Turkey and other countries in cash or at a 40% state discount. Today, Prior Leasing, which mainly leases agricultural machinery, offers hundreds of agricultural machinery and equipment, irrigation systems, cold storages and processing equipment, construction equipment, as well as large and small horned breeding animals to ...


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